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The 25 Best MCU Heroes. 26 Images. 25. Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch) Sokovian war orphan Wanda Maximoff eagerly signed up, along with her brother Pietro, for Wolfgang von Strucker's Mind Stone. And here are the 100 most Powerful Characters and species, in order: God Level 1.Dormammu 2.Celestials 🖤 3.Thanos 4.Odin 5.Kurse 💀 Demi-God Level 6.Ultron 💀 7.Hulk 8.Scarlet Witch 9.Vision 10.Dr.Strange 11.Thor 12.Heimdall 13.Abomination 14.The Destroyer 💀 15.Jotumheim Beast 💀 16.Leviathans 17.Malekith 💀 Extreme Level 18.Eli Morrow 💀.

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